Enlightenment in Times of Waiting

Christmas came and went, and we survived. My ex-husband shared Christmas day with us, which proved more awkward than expected. Looking back I am not sure why I thought it would be anything less. The day had been filled with grandiose gestures attempting to prove that he had changed, that he thought I was wonderful, and […]

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Learning True Love in Times of Waiting

 by Cindy Hester I felt the autumn breeze upon my face And watched my parent’s sweet embrace Their love had stood the test of time Love at its finest hour, sublime They honored one another’s heart They stood together, not apart Yet free their souls to grow and learn As independent cogs do turn Within a jeweler’s watch of […]

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Learning to be Yourself in Times of Waiting

I still don’t understand it Lord. I tried so hard to be who he wanted me to be. I tried to look pretty. I tried to love unconditionally. I don’t get it. It was never enough. It hurt whenever  I was compared to others. I didn’t understand why he felt he had to do things […]

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Learning to Live in Times of Waiting

I stood by the fence looking back at the pasture my eyes following the dance of the falling leaves. I drew in the deepest breath possible. God’s timing. The words came from somewhere in my mind. I read or heard something in the past which had been stored in my memory for this perfect moment in time. Perhaps it […]

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Honesty in Times of Waiting

I pulled into the drive-through and placed my order. These trips into Houston took something out of me, but I knew how important they were. We had been attending marriage counseling once a week for six weeks since our separation. Some sessions went better than others, but the process had become increasingly frustrating. The problem ran much deeper […]

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Finding my Anger Times of Waiting

    Sunday evening could not arrive fast enough. I was expecting the kids to come running in excited to be back. Instead three exhausted, hesitant people walked in dragging their feet. I wanted more than anything to find out how things went, but I feared if I got started with questions it would soon feel like an interrogation. I […]

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