Once again I ask your patience as I deviate from my normal topic. Once Christmas has passed I will be back to writing chapters for my book. Today, however, I am missing my Dad who passed away on July 21, 2011 after battling cancer. I know of so many others who are fighting this awful disease in one form or another. The type of cancer my father had was already in the last stages once it was discovered. Prevention is so, so important. Please make sure you and your loved ones take advantage of all checkups and screenings. 

I also want to encourage you telling from first-hand experience that God’s grace is sufficient to see you through whatever lies ahead. Looking back I am still so amazed at His gracious goodness and how He made his presence tangible to each one of us. Whatever you are facing, God is more than able to meet you right where you are and to provide the strength, courage, peace, and even the joy you need in the midst of the storm. 


Christmas in Heaven

By Cindy Hester

My dearest sweet Daddy
We miss you so much
We miss your kind smile
Your warm, gentle touch

We miss how you read
The story each year
From Luke chapter two
It still brings a tear

To think on those times
We’d all gather round
In a circle of love
Our hearts tightly bound

I’d sure love to know
How you celebrate there
With Jesus Himself
Up in heaven so fair

Do the angels surround you
As you sing Silent Night?
Do you fall down before Him
From His glory, so bright?

I can’t wait to see you
Someday up above
But until that sweet moment
We’re sending our love

Please know we are serving
Many others to bring
To Christmas in heaven
With you and our King.